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About us

What we do and why we do it

1. The Problem

2. Solution One

3. Solution Two

4. The Team

1. The problem

Clean water is scarce 

…and our air is becoming more and more polluted. Estimations state that 16% of all deaths yearly are linked to pollution and according to WHO half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas in 2025.

2. Solution Number One

Water treatment


It is estimated that 150 Billion USD must be invested in water treatment to meet the demand for clean water by the year 2030. There are established methods to deal with the bulk of the pollutants in water, but elusive materials like drugs, pesticides and harmful microorganisms, are difficult to separate from water.

Photocatalytic treatment of water is on the rise and is showing potential in dealing with these pollutants. This is where we come in. Nanvio Technology excels at dealing with compounds that harm us and the environment.

By compressing the highly reactive surface into a nano structure, we create a highly reactive area that is larger than comparable solutions.

3. Solution Number Two

Air Purification


Household air pollution amounts to 50% of all deaths related to air pollution. The global market for air pufifiers is growing at a rapid speed. Today’s state of the art technology is the HEPA filter. These are good at cleaning particles but some organic compounds slips through. Toxic compounds such as formaldehyde needs to be purified in an efficient way. 

By applying our technology, we can break down the toxic compounds, to let you breath clean and fresh air.

4. The Team

A Chalmers Story


We are Nanvio. Hongqi Chen is the inventor of the technology and technical lead. Nanvio was established at Chalmers, 2018.

Hongqi Chen

Hongqi Chen

PhD Physics, Inventor

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Nanvio is a cleantech company with a focus on air and water purification. Established at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship in Gothenburg, Sweden.